Success Stories


  Working with Amy has been life changing for me. She showed me strong empathy which gave me the courage and confidence to finally face the root cause of the PMDD that I've suffered from for more than 15 years. I discovered that the PMDD was there to punish me for something that happened in the past. The session was a process for me to face that pain, identify where it came from, and finally let go of it. It’s been a very liberating experience. I’m living a new life now without PMDD! I feel amazing, thank you so much lovely Amy! 



 I not only suffered from terrible pain every month but my emotions and self confidence were at an all time low. Working with Amy helped me identify things from my childhood that I had no idea were holding me back as a grown woman. I’m now much more in control of my cycle. I have also since met the love of my life. I’m deeply grateful for my session and continued support.



Amy’s Survive to Thrive program has completely transformed the way I experience life with PMDD. I’ve learned so much about myself and worked to heal past trauma that was exacerbating many of my PMDD symptoms. I was struggling to make it through each luteal phase even with the help of SSRIs, therapy, and supplements. Amy showed me how to sustainably and holistically transform my life to best support myself and help mitigate my symptoms. It is not an exaggeration to say that this program saved my life. Amy’s support was an absolute gift and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by my side as I went through this journey. Thank you so much!!



  Before the program, I had lost all hope of ever living a normal life with PMDD. My luteal phase controlled every facet of my life. I was living a half-life. I didn’t realize how my past traumas, lifestyle, and diet were affecting me. This program was my last hope. I knew the program was working when two days before my last period I felt…nothing. None of my previous symptoms were there. I would’ve never known my period was coming. I was happy and actually had energy. My mood was stable. I felt normal for once and free. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and has truly changed my life.